Spartacus Hand-painted 5.25"


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This superb chess set exactly captures the period in history between 73BC and 71BC when the oppressed slaves led by Spartacus, rose in revolt against their Roman masters. Spartacus was a gladiator of Thracian descent (modern day Bulgaria/Macedonia) and had probably been captured by the Romans whilst defending his country.The ultimate fate of Spartacus was never known. No matter if he died in battle or was crucified on the road to Rome, he gave his followers a year or two of liberty; freedom from their harsh conditions and hope of a better life.This chess set gives you the opportunity to fight again the battles of the slaves against their Roman masters. This time, the outcome may be different. Who knows? Are you brave enough to take on the challenge of Spartacus the gladiator?

Chess set pieces only, board not included.